REALITY CHECK MAG: The starting point of my research was the limbo. A state of inertia characte- rizing an increasing amount of adolescents. Their personalities oscillate from entitlement to low self-esteem.
I’m going to look down the road and realize that our parental education and social networking protocols are going to infantilize an entire culture.

The need to be special combined with very few life skills and over-inflated expectations will result in despondency and apathy.
Finding people who take pride in serving others rather then an over-entitled need to be served will be challenging. Equality has been taken to new heights. No one and nothing is equal. We are equalizing the playing fields and reducing ourselves so that others feel better about themselves and their mediocrity.
Overly medicated and under-educated has birthed a mountain of authority with very little credibility.

There is a war going on. Not between nations or tribes but in our minds. We are caught in a perpetual dream state. And if the future is not bright with promise, we seem unable to enjoy the present.

Already we will end up pretty traumatized if we cannot react.

The narcissist generation is challenged with a limbo state of mind and being. Constantly oscillating, moving from one position to the other, there is little to no progress. The situation is based on existentialism, the mind against the real being.

It is about what we think we are, what we desire to be and who we really are.

Underneath all this there is a generalized anxiety. It is a defense against aggressive impulses. Aggression has numerous guises, one of which is boredom. Like its relation – depression – boredom is aggression directed inwards. It threatens to drown the bored in a primordial mix of inaction and energy depletion.

I’m ready to analyze this nowadays situation. Illuminating my readers.