About aesthetic

The aesthetic of a brand helps to effectively communicate the values of the brand and its identity. Consistency in terms of aesthetic is necessary for brand communication (visibility, brand awareness, persuasive messages, arise emotions)

We use the term aesthetic to indicate all the elements of the brand that have to deal with emotions, which does not include only visual elements (shapes, colours, appearances, textures), but also sounds, touch and smell.

The creative activities are forming to creation and appreciation of beauty through  a branch of philosophy dealing with art, beauty and taste with the create. Aesthetic is essential, if fills up life with new forms and give it progress, variety and change.

There is a strong cultural tendency toward aestheticism easily observable in the consumption of products and services. Everything started form the birth of design in the 50’s.

There are no successful products that are bit subjected to aesthetic optimisation.

The fact that certain forms, colours, contrasts and harmonies are better accepted, more easily remembered or evoking emotions shows the importance of aesthetics. The idea to invent and organised visual content within a shared framework flows as back to the origins of modern graphic design. Back in the 1920s institutions such as Bauhaus explored design as universal, a based “language of vision”. From rational planning and standardisation to idiosyncrasy and customization.  The goal is to create emotions and bringing up memories.

Graphic design is communication taking ideas and give them visual form, so that all can understand them. Even the most compelling and robust design is useless if it lacks a message to engage the viewer with. More than ever our times proved a vivid and persistent exposure to visuals, over-stimulation and digitalization. When it comes to design it’s easy to jump onto technology and fort wares, sometimes underestimating the value of the thinking process.


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